SUNA - fine jewelry for a discriminating clientele
For over seventy years, the Suna family has been creating the very finest jewelry for a discriminating, worldwide clientele. The SUNA story began in Europe, where the company's founders, Kenneth and Joel Suna, second - generation jewelers, received their training as diamond setters, bench jewelers and gemologists.
They appreciated and cherished the quality set forth by the masters under whom they trained and became experts at working in platinum and in evaluating the quality and characteristics of fine gems. Kenneth's knowledge of jewels and jewelry coupled with his strong foresight and business acumen, were the foundation of Suna Bros.
The third generation continues the tradition led by Aron and Jonathan Suna. They have further expanded the company and introduced many new modern technologies that will insure the prominence of the Suna name. The Suna's classic jewelry has evolved into the distinctive designs recognized today as Suna's trademark.